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What Does Order Status Fulfillment Mean?

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Meta: Today, we will present a comprehensive description of the order status fulfillment meanings and give answers “What does order status fulfillment mean?”

Nowadays, clients will be able to follow your order status from the beginning to the completion of the order fulfillment procedure. You will note that each of your purchases has a payment status, fulfillment status, and fulfillment order status, in every order fulfillment procedure on the screen that shows each of your purchases. These statuses allow clients to better manage their orders and avoid problems such as lost orders.

Order status fulfillment

Order status fulfillment

To answer the question “What does order status fulfillment mean?” just realize that fulfillment status denotes whether an order has been processed and is currently waiting for shipping. Each order fulfillment phase will be labeled after the previous one.

Let us explore what order status fulfillment entails and how its current method works.

Order Status Fulfillment Process

The fulfillment status of an order indicates if it has been handled and is now awaiting shipping. Your purchase is in ‘fulfillment,’ which indicates it has been processed and is presently being shipped. There are several phases of fulfillment that you can see below.

Confirmed Status And Awaiting Fulfillment

If you see the “confirm” status in the tracking slips, it implies that you have finished your purchase and that your fulfillment supplier will get it soon. Once they get it, your purchase will be marked as awaiting fulfillment.

In Fulfillment

If your order is shown as “in fulfillment” or “pending” fulfillment, it has been processed and is being readied for dispatch. When the fulfillment step is complete, it will proceed to the next level, delivery to the client. This order status is frequently seen in orders that do not contain tracking slips. It integrates the fulfillment, shipment confirmation, and delivery processes.


Once the “fulfilled” alert appears, it indicates that your order is packaged and dispatched to the carrier. There are distinctions between the term “fulfilled” and the term “in fulfillment”. While “fulfill” denotes that your items have been packaged and shipped but have not yet been transferred, “in fulfillment” refers to the entire order fulfillment process, which includes packaging, shipping, and delivery. 

However, if it is indicated as “unfulfilled”, you must wait until this status is changed to “fulfilled”.

Your Shipment is Confirmed

It signifies that your order will be delivered to your local shipping facility. It also means “shipping” in certain other contexts. You may assume that your order has left the firm’s warehouse and is on its way to the nearest shipping location to you.

Example of “Your shipment is confirmed” status

Example of “Your shipment is confirmed” status


This status indicates that your items have been dispatched to the consolidation centers of your fulfillment partner before being delivered to your clients. Nevertheless, your shipping orders may be in the status shown below for a variety of reasons.

Shipped status example

Shipped status example

Out for Delivery

It indicates that your order will be dispatched to your buyer shortly. The delivery term, as opposed to shipping or shipment, relates to the day when your goods will reach the customer’s ultimate destination.

Attempted Delivery

This status indicates that your partner sent your delivery to the address of your clients, but no one received it, thus the box was returned to the regional shipping facility. As is customary, it will be delivered two or three times before being returned to the supplier.

Delivered Orders

Your order fulfillment status is marked as completed. Your clients have got their product. If you view the tracking and get the “delivery” status but still haven’t received your item, call the supplier’s customer service to see if there are any issues.

Pending Meaning Waiting For Your Payment

The notification is frequently sent for orders that take payment before delivery or for orders that are in the process of being paid. If your fulfillment partner gets your order without receiving payment from the client, they may communicate that they are awaiting payment in order to complete your purchase via this status. If they haven’t received your payment after a few days, the order will be immediately canceled.


Prepaid subscription orders are planned till the day of fulfillment comes. Delivery orders are also planned and may be followed via a tracking number.

On hold

It means that if you have inventory for an order but do not deliver it for whatever reason, the fulfillment status changes to unfulfilled.

“On hold” status 

“On hold” status

What Are The Distinctions Between Order Status and Fulfillment Status?

Every order has two statuses, which are order status and fulfillment status. Both are steps in the order fulfillment process. When a new order arrives, the order status changes to open. It then passes through the fulfillment procedure before being dispatched. 

The order status can be archived once it has been sent. If an error occurs or the client cancels the order, the order status is changed to cancel. While fulfillment status refers to the complete process of receiving an order and eventually handing it on to the customer.


Now you know the order status fulfillment meaning. Finally, we hope that this guide has helped you grasp all of the order status fulfillment implications and monitor your orders more easily.


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